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Fine-grained graphite

  • Molded Graphite

    Molded Graphite

    The fine grain graphite block produced by cold molding is widely used in machinery, electronics, semiconductors, polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon, metallurgy, chemical, textile, electric furnaces, space technology and biological and chemical industries.

    The graphite has the following characteristics:

    1. Good electric conductivity and high thermal conductivity
    2. Low thermal expansion and high resistance to thermal shock.
    3. The strength increases at high temperature, and it can withstand over 3000 degrees.
    4. Stable chemical property and hard to react
    5. Self lubrication
    6. Easy to process
  • Isosatic Graphite

    Isosatic Graphite

    Isostatic graphite refers to graphite materials produced by isostatic pressing. Isostatic graphite is pressed uniformly by liquid pressure during the molding process, and the obtained graphite material has excellent properties. It has: large molding specifications, uniform blank structure, high density, high strength, and isotropy (characteristics and dimensions, The shape and sampling direction are irrelevant) and other advantages, so isostatic graphite is also called “isotropic” graphite.